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When people want to find out about the hottest new show, get the inside scoop on breaking news from the world of theatre, read reviews or find engaged arts devotees who share their passion for live performance, they turn to WhatsOnStage. For more than 26 years, we have built trusted relationships with people who rely on us to provide information and access. No wonder WhatsOnStage’s consumer engagement has increased over pre-pandemic times by 40%.

We want to connect you with our audience and take them to the heart of your show, sharing exclusive and exciting on-stage and backstage moments to inspire their next theatrical adventure.

Our Experts Share Their Expertise

WhatsOnStage and AudienceView are partners in your success. Beyond delivering results for your ad campaigns, we are committed to sharing our expertise that will help your organisation take things to the next level. Learn about everything from the elements of highly effective online ads and the basics of online/display advertising to essential key performance indicators in live events, email marketing and more.

Understand the impact COVID-19 has had on theater-goers

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