Longer running shows can make use of our ‘Top 10 Highlights’ series either for a show coming to the end of its run, to compliment a big news story or just to remind people how amazing it is…written by you and edited by us.  

Give our audience of engaged theatergoers 10 highlights that should remind them why they need to see the show now or see it again!  

This content lives on our site in perpetuity and coexists with our news stories along with a show card to encourage conversions.  

Upon posting the story will appear on our News & Reviews page and will be shared to Facebook and Twitter and included in a multi-show email.  

Technical Specifications

Components Include:   

1240×740 (article image), 1200×628 (social image)  

420×280 (multi-show email)  

Can include up to 10 photos/videos